February 23, 2020

SMS Messaging

Unlimited Technology Solutions is helping Salesforce.com users enable two-way SMS communication with their customers.

With more and more businesses using email marketing, paid social and other search engine marketing to promote themselves, it’s getting harder to stand out amongst all that noise. One way both large companies and small businesses are managing to do just that is by taking advantage of an overlooked channel - business text messaging. Let’s take a quick look at some of the different ways you can use text messaging to improve efficiency, make life easier for your customers and potentially reach new audiences.


Here are 7 Use Cases of SMS Texting for Business:

  1. Sales Promotions

With an estimated open rate of 99%, business text messaging is an extremely attractive (and cost-effective) option for promoting sales. 90% of those opens occur within three minutes of receiving the message.

For promotions that are time-sensitive, text messaging is an obvious choice.  In an average email campaign, only 50% of the total opens will have taken place after six hours.

  1. Product/Service Launches

In theory, using a business texting service is an excellent way to promote a new product or service. Using SMS for marketing offers:

  • High open rates
  • Personalization of the message based on information stored in Salesforce.
  1. Identity Verification/Password Confirmation

If you’ve ever signed up for a service like WhatsApp or logged into Google or Salesforce from an unknown location, you’ll be familiar with this verification process. There’s a benefit to companies using SMS verification, as it means they can build a database of 100% legitimate, authenticated phone numbers.

Some companies are also using text messaging for two-factor authentication by sending randomly generated codes that must be entered alongside a password or read back to a customer service representative.

Security is increasingly a concern among consumers and companies alike.  Requiring customers to leverage two-factor authentication when logging in from an unknown device or when requesting sensitive information or a monetary transaction should be a requirement.

  1. Appointments/Reminders

One of the biggest problems for anyone who operates their business on an appointment basis is no-shows. Manually making calls or sending out emails about appointments can help reduce this, but it’s also very  time-intensive.

SMS notifications can help to reduce this cost by sending out notifications when an appointment is booked, as well as notifying customers and/or employees about changes to the appointment.

An automated SMS appointment confirmation is a cost-effective way to get a handle on missed appointments without cutting into employee time and have a measurable impact on ROI by recouping appointments that would previously have been wasted.

  1. Customer Support

Do customers really want to interact with brands using their mobile phone? Currently only around 7% of businesses interact with customers using business text messaging but, SMS still has a certain potency because so many people use text messaging, not to mention read every message they receive.

We believe that the SMS channel is a viable and cost-efficient option for providing customer service and support to your valuable customers.

  1. Short Surveys

Using text messages to gather customer feedback is a good way to do some market research with a quick turnaround time. UTS can make text to survey a possibility without requiring additional administrative support to register and analyze responses.

Real time response tracking triggers different questions based on input to the survey.  Leveraging the Salesforce workflow engine combined with this SMS survey approach is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. Important Information

There’s a LOT of email spam out there. The same isn’t really true of SMS. You may get the odd unsolicited text message, but, for the most part, text messaging is still perceived as being a fairly secure option.

SMS Texts is an excellent channel for delivering timely and important information to your customers.