March 1, 2018

Virtual CTO/CIO


Imagine Having:

  • Application Strategy
  • Vendor Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Management of the Technology Infrastructure
  • Needs Assessment
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Project Management of IT Related Initiatives
  • Formulation of Technology Standards

Our Virtual CTO / CIO Services

Outside Evaluation from an Expert

We will perform a comprehensive Hardware, Network and Software assessment-taking inventory of your current IT landscape and highlight potential risks. These risks will be related to security gaps, lack of business continuity plans, power needs, and Software. These insights allow us to design and implement a plan to keep your IT systems running at peak performance.

Technological Foresight and Experience

We will assess your current technology landscape and develop long-term strategies. The strategies will include hardware and software plans to ensure technology remains current, relevant and innovative.

Outsource Solution with In-House Benefits  

Our solution makes sense for your business. Our virtual CIO services are cost-effective and scalable. We understand your vision for success and will be an extension of your leadership team. We will be accountable for delivering your tactical IT needs while never losing sight of the strategic vision. We like to think of our Virtual CTO/CIO as having “one foot in the server room and the other in the boardroom”.